Coloring by numbers coloring books

Coloring books by numbers.

Coloring by numbers coloring books
Coloring by numbers coloring books
About coloring by numbers
Coloring book by numbers.
Painting in stages of a large painting.
Image coloring by numbers.
A variety of levels of difficulty for coloring.
Variety of images in a variety of colors.
Option to stop coloring in the middle and return to the same point.
When the painting is finished, a beautiful picture is created.
The app stores all photos that have been painted.
Coloring by numbers helps in coordination.
Coloring by numbers improves focus capabilities.
Coloring by numbers improves painting ability.

Coloring by numbers – features:
Scrolls the main screen to select a drawing.
Zoom in with a zoom to see the drawing big.
Decrease screen to see progress of drawing.
Highlighting the number currently painted inside the painting.
Highlight the number that is currently being painted.
A fun game with lots of beautiful and original pictures.
Animal coloring by numbers.
Painting of spectacular landscape images.
Coloring of food.
Coloring of funny pictures.
Coloring of celebrities.
The number of colors is different for each picture - different difficulty levels.
A different coloring number for each part of the image.
A coloring book for all age groups.
A button that allows you to start painting again.
A button to automatically paint after we have already fully colored the image.
Option for partial painting and exit from image with save.
Buttons are very clear and written in large.
All pages are free to paint.
A wide range of images are waiting for you to paint immediately.
Very easy to paint.
Very easy to learn.
The color and picture quality are amazing.

How to play coloring by numbers:
Sign in to the app - click the icon button.
Select an image from the range of images and click on it.
The simple images are at the top of the page.
The more challenging images are at the rest of the page.
In the initial mode you can see the entire picture but it is harder to paint it.
Use zoom to enlarge the image.
Select a color and color its number on the image.
choose the color with the smallest amount of paint pixels.
If the color is all on a row or column - use the long button.
When you finish painting the color you will see a V.
When you have finished one color, select the following color.
When you finish coloring the entire picture you'll see green V on top.
Click the green button and you will see the image painted in full.
If you want to repaint the painting, click it.
You can paint the same drawing repeatedly by pressing the clean button.
You can restore the painting by pressing the fill button.
Once finished with the image, you can click the green button again to return to the main page.
On the main page you can see which paintings were painted.
To paint more paintings, scroll down the main page.
If you started paint a painting and do not want to finish, click Back to return to the main page.
Only when you have finished painting the image will you see it colored on the main page.
If you do not finish painting the picture it will be black and white but when you get in, it will remember what you have already done.

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